A Blast from the Past

Courtesy of Paul Krassner

Courtesy of Paul Krassner

Nancy Cain began playing with video as a member of Videofreex, the radical video collective in New York that shot footage of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and the infamous Chicago Eight. She worked on the first video pilot ever shot for network television with the Videofreex at CBS in 1969, and ran an offbeat weekly video show at the Videofreex loft in Soho. She co-founded Lanesville TV—known as “Probably America’s Smallest TV Station.” The pirate broadcasts were made possible by a transmitter donated by Yippie activist Abbie Hoffman. Along with TVTV, she defined the video documentary movement of the 70s, known as “guerrilla television.”

Cain was a co-creator and producer of “The ’90s,” a weekly hour long alternative show for PBS, which the New York Post called “refreshingly irreverent, opinionated and outlandish.” She was the co-creator and producer of CamNet -The Camcorder Network, America’s first all-camcorder channel.

Rolling Stone magazine designated CamNet second only to HBO in their list of “the 10 things in 1993 that didn’t suck,” and heralded CamNet as “a brilliant and democratic vision … a peoples CNN,” and “the inevitable next stop in the liberation of television from network owners and broadcasters.”

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, then read “Video Days”, a unique and entertaining memoir about pioneers in the video media revolution.

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“CamNet is delightfully offbeat, often insightful, genuinely entertaining.” —Wired Magazine

“Cinema vérité meets vox populi.” —The Wall Street Journal

“CamNet is a non-establishment C-Span” —TV Guide

A unique and entertaining memoir about pioneers in the video media revolution.

“Nancy Cain balances her way along the alternative media tightrope between Pirate TV and YouTube with considerable insight and wit. Video Days is an entertaining and significant slice of countercultural history.”—Paul Krassner, author of Who’s to Say What’s Obscene: Politics, Culture and Comedy in

America Today

“Great read. Such a unique story. A chapter in recent culture missing from most contemporary histories.

I especially love the way you are able to layer the various levels of life while telling a linear story. Congrats—really an excellent book!” —Danny Goldberg, author of Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business

“You’ve been keeping me up late. So many parts, such varied experiences. I love the train of thought and movement between times and place.”—Tom Weinberg, Fund for Innovative TV, Media Burn

“Full of rich history … . Told with wit and great journalistic ability.”—Richard J. Simmons former curator of The Everson Museum of Art.

Praise for Video Days

“Had a few good days of edge-of-my seat reading. I learned lots of new things about Nancy, her video adventures and, as always, enjoyed her fantastic POV. Want to learn how to speak in tongues? Buy the book. You’ll be able to say anything you’re thinking, even when the kids are present.”

—Bart Friedman, video producer, Videofreex Partnership, Media Bus Inc.

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