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Due to increased mosquito activity north of the Salton Sea, the District has scheduled ultra-low volume (ULV) applications by helicopter to reduce the number of mosquitoes and threat of mosquito-borne disease transmission. The treatment area is bordered by Highway 111, Wheeler Street,...

Rancho Mirage’s Tolerance Education Center Celebrates Diversity

Diversity encompasses the inclusion of cultures, ethnicities and groups, religious beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity, mental and physical capacities, to name just a few. From left: Dean Holencamp, Leslie Page, Jerry Ayala and Rob Lebow  -Photographs by Dimitri Halkidis Photography

Community Health Centers Press Congress for Long-Term Funding

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Seven million Californians get medical treatment at Community Health Centers each year, and those centers say funding issues for this crucial part of the safety net are throwing the system into chaos. Starting today, thousands of providers are gathering in Washington,...

Calif. Makes Progress Keeping Foster Kids Out of Group Homes

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Foster kids do much better when placed with a family, compared with a group home, according to a new report that says California is making good progress on that score. Researchers from the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that the Golden State went...