Deciding on Cosmetic Procedures Confidently

) Aleksandr Markin/

) Aleksandr Markin/

Everyone has heard about a cosmetic procedure that left a patient unsatisfied or worse. But don’t let those anecdotes scare you. There are plenty of qualified, talented doctors available for every procedure.


Whether you’re investigating a tummy tuck or laser fat removal, don’t rush to the first doctor in the phone book. For better results, do your research:


• Ask your friends for referrals, particularly if you like their results.


• While cost may be a factor, remember: less is not always more. This is your body, so opt with the best choice. Many doctors offer their patients financing choices that can help make procedures more affordable.


• Read reviews online. What kind of reputation does the doctor have?


Begin your research process at a site that offers patients an easy way to connect to multiple doctors quickly, as well as valuable resources on various procedures.


For example,, a top online physician directory of 150,000 doctors, connects patients with cosmetic and plastic surgeons, hair restoration specialists, and ear nose and throat doctors. Prospective patients can search for a specialist by body part procedure, by treatment name, by location or by doctor’s last name.


• Schedule a consultation with several doctors so that you can get a sense of how knowledgeable they seem and how comfortable you feel with them, their staffs and offices. Develop a list of questions in advance and take notes to retain the specifics about each doctor and experience.


• A picture is worth a thousand words, so compare doctors’ work visually online. Filter results by procedure, gender, age, height and weight to see the results of patients similar to you.


• Investigate multiple procedures that deliver similar results to determine which is right for you.


By doing appropriate legwork in advance, you can walk into your procedure confident that you’ve made a good decision.



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