DHS Celebrates

Desert Hot Springs Celebrates America's Birthday on July 5th with a bang!

By Carolyn W. Gaines

The Five Years Long awaited, FIREWORKS returned to the Desert Hot Springs July 5, 2014, event took place at Mission Lakes Marketplace. The Independence Celebration was colorful, happy, friendly, excited, filled with plenty of love.

Organized by Mayor Pro-Tem Russell Betts, the event was made possible by many people stepping in to help. The DHS Pick-Up Crew, Neighbors, Friends, Moms, Dads, Child Stars, Grand Parents a few flew in from Washington State.

Talented-youth showed up for an intermission presentation that had big smiles on those in the audience and had Mayor Adam Sanchez singing and dancing. A San Diego band called Gin Piston turned up the heat with a two-hour concert. Gin Piston out of San-Diego didn’t retrieve their name from the late great “Muddy Waters” song just like the Rolling Stones. The Rock Band made everyone’s zany in love with the song called Alabama. The audience and children kept watching for the fireworks and Russell Betts watching the clock gave the signal to launch at 9:00 pm. The fireworks started with poppa!! The audience turned and watched the fireworks display.

Russell Betts and his team will be the talk of the town this week because of his “SOLD OUT” Celebration for the 30,000 DHS neighbors. Cars were lined-up bumper to bumper to leave Mission Lake Marketplace Venue at the show end. People were camped out on the sides of the roads to view the Fireworks gala.

The city scored “Big” to put forward in an event that brought the community together and provided a charitable contribution of $1,500 to the Desert Hot Springs Citizens on Patrol.

Busting their butts to make it all happen were the show organizers who joined Betts for three months of work were Carolyn Gaines, Pamela Berry and Richard Finn. The show ran smooth. Pamela became the DHS Angel, who stepped in and balanced out the ending of the project to take care audience needs during the show.

Finally, the ‘City of Desert Hot Springs” need to thank all Major Sponsors that made it possible. Desert Valley Disposal, Mission Springs Water District, Victory Tile, Builders Supply, Mission Lakes Marketplace, Q&A Attorneys at Law, Magic Glass and Door, Court and Audrey Moe, Five-Star Fitness, Desert Star Weekly, CV Wellness, TNT Fireworks, and Gabriel King & Associates.

Gin Piston’s Band closed out the show at 10 p.m. for an unforgettable event. Just like “Nat King Cole” would say it see you all next time.

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