DHS City Council Candidates Speak

DESERT HOT SPRINGS – Four candidates, including two incumbents, are in the running for city council during the municipal election here on Nov. 5. 2013.

Newcomers Robert Bentley, an author, journalist and reverend, and newcomer Joe McKee, a retired corporate manager, are in the contest not only against each other but incumbents Scott Matas and Jan Pye, who are presenting a unified city council reelection front together with incumbent mayoral candidate Yvonne Parks.

As it did with the city’s mayoral candidates in last week’s edition, Desert Star Weekly approached each of the Desert Hot Springs city council member candidates with key questions about civic leadership and where it should be focused. All agreed to participate except for Bentley, who politely declined.

Each candidate was given three questions and a limit of 750 words in which to answer all of them. Following are their responses, which are presented in the alphabetical order of the candidates’ last names.

Just click on their names:

Joe McKee

Scott Matas

Jan Pye




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