Dog Days of Summer

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By Pat Krause

UCR Palm Desert held a Dog Days of Summer, art show opening reception on July 19th. The event was held at Building 8, and if you have never been there, you are in for some real surprises as it has many features. There were 148 pieces of Art shown by 42 artists. UCR holds many art shows during the year, and this art show was about animals. Many people did RSVP, but there were a lot of people that just came. Each guest was asked to bring food for a dog or a cat. The donated pet foods went to the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Pet Food Bank. Over 350 people came to inspect and maybe purchase the Art.

Sid Craig, Gary and Sharon Cardiff, Fred and Linda Williamson, Artists Karen and Tony Barone. Lisette Haigler and Mitch Blumberg-Photo by Pat Krause

This was a pet lovers paradise of Art. The event featured several works by Animalatarians Humanitarians, Karen, and Tony Barone along with many local and California professional artists. The Barones brought their, Haves and Have Nots, collection. There was almost every medium of art imaginable. Oils, acrylics, inks, photography, sculptures, and more. The upper level housed a cat and dog art area. Even fish were portrayed in art, birds, and butterflies and others that you do not usually consider animals.

UCR Curator Terry Hastings and Carole Hatcher-Photo by Pat Krause

Some of the artists were Sherry Molton, Paula and Christina Acosta, Jessica Fan, Joan Ryan, Diane Morgan, Robert Bell & Tory Cruz. Jenny Sanders brought inks on rice paper, Sunny Patton, watercolors, Abstract Art by Marconi Colindas, Terry Hastings brought sculptures made out of popsicle sticks. I think there was every piece of Art for someone’s taste. Most of the artworks were for sale. I saw only a few pieces that were not. Sasha Middleton is a volunteer photographer for the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, and she brought a few photos of cats and dogs that were up for adoption.

UCR Palm Desert furnished the wines and foods for the reception. Terry Hastings from UCR was the curator the event. The walls were filled with an array of different kinds of Art on both levels. This show will run until August 24th. People will be looking for the next art show in Sept. I was told they hold a different art show every 2 months, so it is always something to look forward to.