Invest In Your Future By Sharing Your Real World Skills

By Dennis Larney

csusb palm desertLooking to invest in your future? Would you like to capitalize on the skills you have acquired in your working career? If you are simply motivated to give back to the community or to supplement your income, CSUSB –Palm Desert may offer you some real options.

Several second career-oriented programs are being offered on the Palm Desert campus in accordance with incentives provided by the state of California which encourage people with a wide range of career and technical skills to become teachers or to advance their employment opportunities by obtaining BA or MA degrees in career and technical studies.

These programs are administered by CSUSB as an approved sponsor under guidelines provided by the California Commission on Credentialing (CCTC). California residents over the age of 60 may qualify for tuition waivers.

If you are among those who are putting off retirement for any reason or if you are simply interested in a career change these programs have the potential to open the door to a rewarding future. CSUSB can sponsor you for a California teaching credential. You can utilize the training you have received to enhance your career opportunities in a variety of public and private sector jobs.

You can also use the course credits toward BA or MA degrees. People with the following skill sets have graduated from the programs: nurses, NASA scientists, lawyers, carpenters, civil engineers, small business owners, bankers, dentists, chefs, cosmetologists, IT managers, authors, artists, financial managers, linguists, media professionals, contractors, mechanics, landscape architects and many others. Many of them are now employed in area adult schools, California career & technical (ROP) schools, community colleges, four year and graduate colleges, private academies as well as charter schools and commercial training organizations.

A recent graduate had this to say: “The program was economical and flexible. It offered both in-class and online (distance learning) experiences. I was able to meet others with like motivation. I am certain that the program provided me with the path to teaching at my current position at the university level.”

If you are interested in the program, contact CSUSB. Dennis Larney, CTS Program Coordinator or Tel 760 341 2883 X 78157.

Note, Dennis Larney is also a graduate of the program. After a 40 year career in corporate finance and investment banking he retired and was recruited by government agencies, USAID & IESC, to visit Russia and several other Eastern European countries to train them on banking, secured lending and capital markets. After training for several years he assisted in setting up a business training center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Upon return to the U.S. he entered the CTS program at CSUSB and was subsequently retained as a professor and coordinator of the program.

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