By Kitty Pallesen

By Kitty Pallesen

By Kitty Pallesen

Jackie, I did not forget about you. Every minute of every day has been so busy since the newspaper came out with the story…just like you said.

Another young (dog) mother, Thelma, gave birth to new puppies at the camp. We recorded it and gave the tape to Riverside County Animal Control and the Sheriff. Bernadette Schwenn listened to it and said there were no puppies.

They (authorities) went in with a warrant the next day and got the mother and puppies out. I actually stopped the Sheriff and Animal Control on the road when they were coming back the first time, in order to give my attorney time to get there with the recording.


Thelma, a female Queensland Heeler, just days before giving birth to puppies at the Dog Killing Fields in Sky Valley, California. Thelma and her puppies were all rescued by Riverside County Animal Control shortly after this photo was taken in late July 2013.

Five people are working on the Facebook website full time and can hardly keep up. We got more than 20,000 hits so far, from all over the country – even out of the country, and building.

The link to the factual and informative Facebook page entitled Help Stop Desert Dog Death Camp https://www.facebook.com/HelpStopDesertDogDeathCamp

They posted video with music for a piece called “The Promise.” I cried through the whole thing because in the beginning, I made that promise to them (the dogs) when I was up there by myself and had no idea where to turn for help. Now that help is coming, really coming, you might want to put it on your website – beautifully done and a tear-jerker.

OMG, Jackie, thanks for everything you are doing to get them help now.

So grateful, Kitty Pallesen

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