Liberace : “Behind the Candelabra”

Republic of Music band

Home owner Joe Luisi and Debbie Reynolds


Debbie Reynolds performs

Martin Preston and Debbie Reynolds on stage

Front of the home that is in the movie

Betty Hathaway,, Lucy  Brown and Jacqueline Peck

Brian Weatherman and Winfield Tuttle

David Gillespie and Sarah Joseph

Ryan Salmons and  Annette Kesson

Martin Preston as Liberace

The City of Palm Springs along with HBO and Film Producer Jerry Weinbraub held a free sneak peak movie showing of “Behind the Candelabra” about the life of icon Liberace at the Palm Springs Convention Center on May 25th. They held 2 showings, one at 4 and one at 7. Because of the huge crowds wanting to see the movie they had to add another free showing at 10. The city was excited to be part of this event in honor of their 75th anniversary celebration. The Movie was shown on HBO on May 26th.

Five Star Adventure Tours hosted a party to celebrate the new Liberace film as a tribute day for this legend that lived and died in Palm Springs. The movie is about his life and his much younger partner and his death of Aids starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. A special appearance at the party was actress and singer Debbie Reynolds. She was a longtime friend of Liberace and plays his mother in the movie.

Debbie Reynolds arrived in a white limo to the applause of the 230 dinner guests. She posed for photos, signed autographs and was her charming self to each guest. She took to the stage in-between sets by entertainers. Republic of Music band. Debbie had the audience in stitches with her quick wit and humor about her life as an actress and her husbands. Debbie broke into song on a few occasions. She is as bubbly and beautiful today as she is in the movies.

The event was held at the home of Joe Luisi which is where part of the movie was filmed and portrayed as the home of Liberace. The home is beautiful and the buffet dinner was served on the lawn beside the home. A stage was set up at one end for all to enjoy the music by a famous pianist and a magician.

One Response to Liberace : “Behind the Candelabra”

  1. Ryan S. June 21, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Five Star Adventures Tours would like to thank everyone who joined our event ” A Palm Springs Tribute To Liberace”. Special thanks to Debbie Reynolds who is so beautiful inside and out and who will live in our hearts forever, Martin Preston as Liberace who is truly a master of his craft, David Sandy for his wonderful magic and charisma, Republic Of Music that started the evening with great music, The staff at Lulu California bistro for their wonderful food and decorative table displays, The Five Star Adventures Tours staff that donated their time to help with the event and make it memorable, Joe Luisi the owner of “Casa de Monte Vista estates” where the movie “Behind The Candelabra” was filmed, Photographers Gregg Felsen, Linda VaNallen, Pat Krause and last but not least “you”, the wonderful people who decided to join us to celebrate with great food, great wine and great entertainment.

    Thanks so much.
    Five Star Adventures Tours


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