New Owners at the Sandpiper Spa & Retreat

The Sandpiper Springs Spa & Retreat has changed owners and is currently nearly finished with their remodeling projects. “We’re open for business at present, and the water is great!” says Kim Hartz, General Manager and Spa and Retreat Coordinator. With 5 hot mineral water pools, the hotel is perfect for relaxing and for getting a healing spa treatment. Watsu and aquatic bodywork treatments are a specialty at the Sandpiper. Watsu (Water-Shiatsu) is performed in a warm pool. Aquatic Bodywork is used worldwide as a healing modality. While the receiver is floating, the healer utilizes Thai & Shiatsu massage, reflexology and a combination of therapeutic bodywork to ease aches and pains, relieving stress. Being floated is vastly more comfortable than laying on a hard table. The experience is often described as a dream like and very peaceful.

Over the years, the Sandpiper has seen many guests. Groups keep coming back year after year. With 26 rooms, the two-story property is ideal for a weeklong stays. “We are family friendly, so bring your kids and the family dog, too.” “We have day spa at the pools, with Senior Day on Monday and Ladies’ Day on Wednesday for only $5.”

Putting the emphasis on healing and rejuvenation, Sandpiper Springs is attracting unique groups, like Cloud Nine Yoga and the Wave Academy. The Wave Academy is helping disabled veterans by utilizing warm water therapies, and the Cloud Nine Yoga group is taking advantage of the mineral waters to have their Moon Festing Retreat at Sandpiper. Kim said, “Erika Faith Calig, owner of Cloud Nine Yoga, holds retreats worldwide and is blessing our property by having their retreat here.”

“All of us at the Sandpiper are excited to be part of the healing community in the spa city of Desert Hot Springs,” says Kim. “We put our hearts and souls into the remodeling project, and a lot of love, too.”

Kim L. Hartz

Spa Director & Retreat Coordinator

Sandpiper Springs Spa & Retreat

12800 Foxdale Drive

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240



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