Paul Anka at the McCallum Gala

The McCallum Theatre held is Annual Fundraising Gala on Dec. 3rd honoring Helene Galen. Co-chairs Harold Matzner and Donna MacMillan announced the honoree with a video of her accomplishments and philanthropy. CEO and McCallum President Mitch Gershenfeld announced they had raised over 1.2 Millions dollars and the event was sold out again this year. He proudly announced the success of the new Community Art Project in the East side of the Valley, and announced the names of the Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze circle donors who donate so generously to the Theatre.

The Entertainer of the night was the iconic Paul Anka who became an American Heart Throb at the age of 15 with his hit song, DIANA. Anka surprised the guests by coming out into the audience with his first song and shook hands as he walked thru the aisle where celebrity Carol Channing was seated. He was singing, My Destiny, as he made is way to the stage. He is known for many hit songs and is a prolific songwriter as well. Anka said this year would be his 57th year in show business. One of my favorite hit songs he sang was, MY WAY. He got a huge clapping response when he sang, MACK the KNIFE, another all time favorite.

A standing ovation was given Helene Galen for her many donations to the ARTS and the McCallum Theatre. The McCallum Theater is a NON-PROFIT Organization. They have to raise at least 40% in donations from the public for their operating budget each year. The Theatre brings the best in entertainment to the valley plus bringing the ARTS to our children in their various programs throughout the year. The Theatre announced they were adding an additional special program next year to honor another Valley icon, Carol Channing’s 95th birthday.

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