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In his book “The Self-TalkSolution,” author Shad Helstetter states very correctly that one of the greatest problems of our time is that many people have uncritically become creatures of habit and lack self-esteem. He believes this is the case because every negative word heard by each child has been programmed into that child’s brain just as if the child was an electronic computer.

In making this important observation, Helmstetter says that “As we grew it made no difference to our subconscious minds, whether what we were saying or accepting about ourselves was true or false. Our subconscious minds, just like desk-top computers, simply accepted what we and others programmed into them – whether the information was accurate or inaccurate, healthy or unhealthy, helpful or unhelpful.

“It is precisely because of how our brains work that we become creatures of habit. Because of our programming, we form patterns – repetitive styles, actions and thoughts – in our subconscious minds. And we tend to repeat those behavior patterns that are the most strongly programmed…

“We do receive good programs, of course, but not enough of those. The result is that we grow to maturity with some of the most inappropriate and self-hindering programs imaginable stuck permanently in our subconscious minds, where they will affect every action we will ever take and every thought we will ever think, for the rest of our lives.”

Helmstetter’s conclusion, however, is not necessarily negative because he says that we have the ability to change our programming and increase our self-esteem by consciously changing our self-talk. He then offers the reader a variety of carefully constructed sentences to resolve various problems. He suggests reproducing one or more of these positive statements on cards to put on bathroom mirrors or other places where they will be frequently seen and can change one’s mental programming for the better.

Here are some of the phrases Helmstetter has developed to help a person easily go to sleep and thereby overcome any physical or psychological issues that might prevent a restful nights sleep. A good way to use this self-talk is to record the desired self-talk on a portable recording device and whenever convenient, play the recording in the background as one goes about daily life.

So if you, the reader, would like to resolve a sleeping problem, choose one or several of these phrases and use them for your own self-talk reprogramming. Feel free, of course, to change the wording to suit yourself.

*It is time for me to sleep. It’s my time to rest.

*I’m ready to relax. Today has been great but now I need to sleep.

*I have peace of mind. I am confident, relaxed and in peace with myself and with my life.

*I enjoy the quiet, restful peace that I create in my mind.

*I relax myself physically and mentally. I let myself float in the secure feeling of peace and absolute contentment.

*Just before I go to sleep, I tighten and relax each set of muscles in my body, beginning with my feel, and moving upward throughout my body. I remove all tension and stress from each muscle.

My life is good. I deserve to rest and to sleep, filled with the relaxing assurance that I will have an even better day tomorrow.

*I am happy with myself. My life is orderly and in control. I am able to go to sleep easily and naturally, and I sleep well.

*I am relaxed. Life is good. Life is working well.

*Sleep makes me feel good. It puts everything out of my mind.

*I consciously remove all unnecessary thoughts from my mind, and I let them quietly drift away. If they are important to me, I will think about them another time. But for now, I let my thoughts rest.

*I am going to sleep now.

*Good night, my friend. Sleep well.

Since we spend a great portion of our lives in bed sleeping, I plan to devote next week’s column in this newspaper to the subject of dreams and how we can improve our lives by keeping a dream journal. Another related subject that I will write about in future columns (but not necessarily next week) is how to use the sleeping period for important anti-aging as well as consciousness-developing exercises.

If you are interested in these subjects, please let me have a way of directly contacting you about them. Either email me at artkunkin@gmail.com or leave a message at 760-369-8921 with your contact information: phone, postal address and your email. If you email me, please put “Urgent” in the subject line.

I want you to know that this personal contact will be very beneficial to you. I have been very surprised that up to now very few readers have responded to my offers of advanced teachings.


Art Kunkin is the 86 year young journalist who published and edited the alternative weekly newspaper The Los Angeles Free Press starting in 1964, later becoming president of the Philosophical Research Society. He currently is a member of the Advisory Board of The Institute of Mentalphysics, also known as the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Please see his new website, www.TheNewFreePress.com to learn about the interner program where Art sends readers daily emails with personalized life extension information for stopping your aging and increasing your personal power. artkunkin@gmail.com. Copyright 2014 by Art Kunkin, All Rights Reserved.


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