Rancho Mirage’s Tolerance Education Center Celebrates Diversity

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Diversity encompasses the inclusion of cultures, ethnicities and groups, religious beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity, mental and physical capacities, to name just a few.

From left: Dean Holencamp, Leslie Page, Jerry Ayala and Rob Lebow  -Photographs by Dimitri Halkidis Photography

By learning from one another we embrace humanity’s beautiful differences thus strengthening our communities.

The world today is more interconnected than ever.  Learning openness and appreciating differences is important to many aspects of modern life.

The Tolerance Education Center, whose mission is to provide a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted and celebrated, and Boo2Bullying, an organization that seeks to eradicate bullying, intolerance and discrimination, partnered together to host ‘Celebrating Diversity’ exhibition.  

From left: Elaine Gershenson, Erica Scott, Curator Talia Lizemer-Hawley, and Michelle Veliz -Photographs by Dimitri Halkidis Photography

Students, artists, film-makers, and the community at large were invited to submit entries that will encourage awareness of the human differences and promote their understanding and acceptance. Each entry was accompanied by an inspirational artist statement.  Entries included film, photography, drawings, paintings, collages, and more.   

The exhibit was curated by Dimitri Halkidis, President and Founder of Boo2Bullying.

On Thursday, March 7th, the Tolerance Education Center held the exhibit opening reception, an event that was very well attended by Coachella Valley’s diverse population: students and their families accompanied by their teachers; artists; film-makers; guests and staff.

Some of the participating schools, artists, and film-makers include, Mount San Jacinto High, Cathedral City High, Palm Springs High, Palm Valley, Xavier Prep, Palm Desert Charter Middle, Juan-Manuel Alonso, Jeffery Coleson, Ulrike, Rob Lebow, Tiffany Tiara,and Lance Sadia, to name a few.