The Desert Remembers 911

Former Marine Christopher Cerillo and Pamela Diamond held their annual open house memorial for 911 victims and their families at a private residence on Maravilla in Cathedral City. The event was held on Sept. 11th from 7 to 10 pm. An I-Beam from the North Tower was on display surrounded by lit candles.

Plaques with the names of the victims were hung along the walls with an American

Flag as the backdrop for the I-beam.

There were more plaques and photos in another area where a piece of Cement also from the North Tower was on display. Christopher said that one of the men at the tower told him he could take a piece of cement, and he would look the other way and not tell anyone. They had a video of the incident on a TV running all the time outside in the driveway. They had their own private video that was shown too. They had a letter enlarged to show how and why they got the, I-beam. This event is held each year to commemorate this awful event in our history.

Driving by the home guests could see the many flags lit up on the lawn. The home was lit up and at 8 PM two huge searchlights could be seen across the valley. Chairs were set up in front of the TV screen so guests could watch the video in comfort. There was a lot of information of the event so people could see and remember those that perished that day and those brave people that were involved in the rescue efforts, many that also lost their lives. They had a flag that had all the names of those that died laid across a table. Just to see the, I-beam was emotional as I think we all remember that terrible day watching it unfold on our TVs and not being able to believe it could really have happened to our country.

The I-beam from the North Tower by Pat Krause

The I-beam from the North Tower by Pat Krause


Pamela Diamond and Christopher Cerillo by Pat Krause


Piece of Cement from the North Tower by Pat Krause

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