Tolerance, Civility, Respect and Understanding


Story & Photos by Pat Krause

The Tolerance Education Center held a fundraiser on Sunday Sept. 28th. The event was a style show directed by the signature model at Chico’s, Beverlee Greene. Six lovely ladies showed the newest fashions for all ages. The styles ranged from very sporty to a more dressy attire for both daytime and evening. Each model wore two outfits before walking in front of more than 50 women.
During the costume changes, Cindy Harp, spoke about how you can make an outfit more appealing. She gave clues on how to make one look thinner by just a few manipulations. A three-quarter sleeve and a turned-up collar will seem to make you look taller. Cindy also showed the various ways to use scarfs and the necessity of jewelry to complete an outfit. Cindy Harp showed how to make a cover up by just twisting a square of fabric and asked a guest to model it.

There were discounts for the guests of the Tolerance Education Center, and a percentage of the funds would go to the Center. The center was the dream of Earl Greif who continues to support the Center. Grief is a Holocaust Survivor and wants future generations to know the history of past atrocities. Their hope is to eradicate, Racism, Hatred and Bigotry.

The Centers mission is to promote Tolerance, Civility, Respect and Understanding of diversity and rid the world of Bigotry and Hatred. They provide educational tools and tours of the museum. Over 3,000 students toured the facility last year, and they believe they will break attendance records again this year. Speakers, movies and events are a big part of the fundraising efforts to bring their mission to everyone.


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