Top 12 Tips To Overcome Procrastination

Edited by Art Kunkin (from a valuable but impossibly longer cyberspace article by Marya Jan)

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Mr. Life Extensión
Art Kunkin

“How many times do you make a promise to do a certain task and then do – nothing? “
“How often do you set a goal but never seem to make any progress towards achieving it?”
“Are you a writer who doesn’t write, a painter who doesn’t paint or an entrepreneur who never starts a venture?” If so, then you have first hand knowledge about the inner resistance that results in procrastination.
“Do you know how to overcome that resistance?”
“Resistance is the most toxic force on the planet. It arises from within and takes the shape of procrastination, lack of motivation, insecurities, self doubt, and fear.”
“Resistance stops you from taking the first step in becoming truly professional.”

We are publishing here extracts from a very important internet article on the subjects of procrastination and resistance written by blogging coach Marya Jan. This article is available on the internet under the title, “Overcome Procrastination: Steven Pressfield’s Top 12 Tips.  However, since the original article is much too is long in its cyberspace form for the space we have available in this newspaper, I have taken the liberty of editing and rewriting this article here for the benefit of our readers.
The original cyberspace article is itself a summary of three important books by Steven Pressfield titled “The War of Art” and “Turning Pro” and “Do The Work.”
In her introduction, Marya Jan made the insightful statement that “These books literally changed the way I approached work, relationships, life. But mostly, my vocation.”
We publish this summary of her summary here because it contains very important advice on organizing a project that I believe most of us could use. Therefore, I suggest that you first read this summary and then, if you have a computer on the internet, go to the original article. Of course, the best procedure would be to spend some time with one or more of the three Pressfield books. For now, I am pleased to give you my short edited version of Marya Jan’s shortened presentation of Pressfield’s work.

1: Show Up Every Day !
“This is the secret that real artists know and wannabe writers don’t. When we sit down and work, we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come. Insights accrete. If you are a writer, aim to sit in your chair first.

1.    #2: Stay On The Job !
“Once you are sitting down, are you going to check your email for the umpteenth time, or hang out on the social media? Or are you going to do some research?
Get rid of the distractions and stay put. Keep going.”

#3: Commit To The Long Haul !
“Nobody said this is going to be easy. Nobody promised you riches the next day.”

#4: Be Patient !
“Committed for the long haul? Now you need patience. Bucket loads of,it.”
#5: Seek Order !
“The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.
“Do you have a schedule that you follow? Do you have a routine in place?” Don’t think.”

#6: Act In The Face Of Fear !
“The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. Fear is good. Brave is someone who is not without fear but who moves ahead in spite of it.
“Yes, you are afraid. So am I, but we still have to work, okay?”

#7: Accept No Excuses !
“What other excuses besides fear could derail us? There are plenty: You are not good enough, you don’t have the time to do this, there is too much competition, nobody cares what you do, it is not perfect … blah blah blah. This is your resistance talking. Don’t pay any attention.”

#8: Be prepared !
“Realize that you can only work a certain number of hours. You need your materials and information before you can begin.”

#9: Don’t Over-Identify With The Job !
“You are a professional, but that’s not only who you are. Try and take a step back. Leave some wiggle room to improve, discard or alter your offering.”

#10: Ask For Help !
“A pro doesn’t feel like he knows everything, or can figure out everything on his own. He seeks out a knowledgeable teacher and listens with both ears.”
“Surround yourself with people who support you. And when things get hard, ask for help.

#11: Don’t Take Failure Or Success Personally !
“The professional concentrates on the work and allows rewards to come or not come.”

#12: Self-Validate !
“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not perfect but you don’t need everybody’s approval. However you do need your own.”

About the author:
The original author of the above excerpts is Marya Jan, a blogging coach She can be found on the internet at “Writing Happiness.” Check it out and get her free ebook, 9 New Rules of Blogging

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