2-11-13-Carnival-cruise-ship_full_600United and American Airlines have announced their enhanced participation in the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) prescreening program known as TSA Precheck.

United Airlines passengers eligible for inclusion in the Precheck program will see the TSA Precheck indictor on mobile boarding passes, boarding passes printed at home or from the kiosks at some airports, allowing passengers to go to available Precheck lanes.

At United Airlines, the TSA Precheck logo will appear directly above an eligible passenger’s name on printed boarding passes. On mobile boarding passes, customers should look for the TSA Precheck logo at the top right corner above the barcode. The TSA Precheck indicator will appear on boarding passes throughout a customer’s itinerary whether or not the airport has TSA Precheck.

The TSA Precheck on American Airlines is a bit more restrictive. It is available to passengers traveling on select international itineraries as well as to U.S. citizens who are also an AAdvatage program member who received an ‘opt-in’ invitation; a U.S. citizen enrolled in a Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler program; or, a Canadian citizen traveling within the U.S. and a member of NEXUS. Precheck lets these eligible pre-screened customers traveling from select United States airports to go though security without removing their shoes, belt, jackets or other light outerwear; it also allows them to leave laptop computers and 3-1-1 compliant bags in their carry-on luggage.

TSA Paycheck is available at more than two-dozen domestic hub airports including Los Angeles International and Orange County.


Seabourn, an ultra-elegant cruise line with six intimate ships of just 104 or 225 suites, each, has announced that when the Seabourn Quest emerges from a scheduled dry-dock later this month it will feature four new elegant Penthouse Spa Suites located directly above the world-renown Spa at Seabourn. (The Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Sojourn will also be out fitted with new Spa Suites during their next scheduled dry-docks).

Guests will access the Spa Suites via a spiral staircase in the lobby of the spa and enjoy unlimited access to the spa’s Serene Area as well as having spa amenities in their suite.

The new suites will also offer passengers a variety of special amenities, among them two in-suite bars, one fully stocked with flavored water, fruit juices and a selection of mixed nuts, dried fruits and healthy snacks.

A Spa Concierge is also available to assist Spa Suite guests with reservations for their personalized treatment regimes throughout their stay on board.


Their names are in the news, but would you want to go there? You would if you’re a frugal traveler on a tight budget with a sense of adventure.

Smarter Travel, an online travel portal has recently published its list of the most budget-friendly destinations around the globe. Heading the list is Ukraine where, it is said, tourists can live large and soak up the culture of local UNESCO World Heritage sites for less than $50 a day, per person.

Surprisingly, South Korea came in at number two on the affordability list, while Tasmania and Nicaragua are numbers three and four, respectively, followed by Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Another surprise: the U.S. Gulf Coast holds the ninth spot on the list, just beating out Central European Croatia.

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