Who’s the Next Mayor?

Desert Hot Springs Candidates Express Faith in City’s Potential, Need to Attract Business. Just click candidates name for interview!

John Paul Valdez,Yvonne Parks and Adam Sanchez

DESERT HOT SPRINGS – Three passionate proponents of this city, Yvonne Parks, Adam Sanchez and John-Paul Valdez, are in the running for mayor during the municipal election here on Nov. 5.


Incumbent Yvonne Parks, a 19-year resident of the city, is seeking her fourth term as mayor. Highly active in her community virtually from the start, she recalled her very first bid for office (a city council position) in 2003.


“I’d never thought of running for office,” Parks said. “I thought I could contribute effectively on a volunteer basis in organizations and so forth. But someone suggested I run, so I did. And I lost—by just 35 votes.”


John Paul Valdez,Yvonne Parks and Adam Sanchez

John Paul Valdez,Yvonne Parks and Adam Sanchez

She managed to snag a city council position in 2005 before winning the mayoral seat in 2007.


Adam Sanchez, a 16-year Desert Hot Springs resident, has served on the city council for one and a half years. He worked for City Hall previously and has been involved in various commissions and committees, including planning, parks and recreation, and cultural affairs, and he served as president of the Rotary Club.


In addition to a stint with the Palm Springs Youth Center, the community-driven Sanchez spent 10 years with the Boys and Girls Club in Desert Hot Springs. Four years ago, he began working for the Coachella Valley Unified School District as an educator, where he works with students through the AmeriCorps program.


John-Paul Valdez comes from a background in banking, high finance and international corporate marketing — including work for Wells Fargo, Wachovia Securities and General Motors (in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Portugal). Fluent in four languages, he serves on the finance committee for Desert Hot Springs.


“We are the city on the hill,” said Valdez with pride.

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