Ricardo Breceda, artist and welder has created over 130 full sized prehistoric inspired metal sculptures throughout Borrego Springs. Photos: Sue Townsley.

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By Pamela Price

Thanks to the stupendous response to the high desert’s lavish display of Wildflowers (BorregoBlooms.org) this immense State Park has captured international media attention during record-breaking visitors. Undaunted this 585,000-acre masterpiece of dramatic desert geography is turning the corner for tourism in this surreal, but stunning environment. While you might not be focusing your camera on the elusive Bighorn Sheep (“Borrego” is Spanish for bighorn), there are still mega opportunities to capture the flight of golden eagles or a quiet, slithering red diamond rattlesnake. Blend nature’s elements, and you can see why California’s largest Anza-Borrego State Park is uncompromised when you add 12 wilderness areas with miles hiking trails.

Along these captivating trails you just might catch a glimpse of a roadrunner or even a few chuckwallas, and let’s not forget those smart iguanas who blend in with most anything with their built-in desert camouflage. There’s more to discover in nearby Galleta Meadows which is not nor part of Anza-Borrego State Park but certainly could be with a legendary “magical menagerie of free-standing sculptures” that could easily stop you in tracks, literally!” said Sue Townsley tasked with photographing this mythical outdoor exhibit, a brainchild of visionary town benefactor, Dennis Avery. The result of his collaboration with artist-welder, Ricardo Breceda now astounds and “overwhelms the public” as my art friend said.

 The bigger than outdoor life exhibit, on both sides of the road, resembles a movie set just waiting for the cameras to roll. The project launched in April 2008 on a large private parcel of land visible from Borrego Springs Road, from north and south.  Now numbering two dozen impressive sculptures, this is the site where prehistoric history goes seriously retro.

From tortoises to mammoths and wild pigs to a larger than life Shasta Ground Sloth set against a sunrise or sunset signals a moment to remember along with the area’s 300 species of birds. Aside from the Greater Roadrunner Gambel’s Quail, the year-round residents you’ll find the migratory birds such as Wilson’s Warblers to Swanson’s Hawks.

When it’s time to depart, look for Kesling’s Kitchen In the heart of Borrego Springs at 665 Palm Canyon Drive. This is a favorite restaurant for flatbread sandwiches such as their Go-Go Greek and wood-fired pizzas.  Next week’s continued coverage of Borrego Springs reveals their Night Sky Tours and a preview of recently reopened La Casa Del Zorro Desert Resort & Spa.

For the latest on Borrego Springs, www.BorregoSpringsChamber.com760 767 5555. Pam Price is the co-author of Fun with the Family in Southern CA guidebooks.

Pam Price is the co-author of Fun with the Family in Southern CA guidebooks.

Ricardo Breceda, artist and welder has created over 130 full sized prehistoric inspired metal sculptures throughout Borrego Springs. Photos:  Sue Townsley